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Still alive

My Air Force tickets came in the mail today, and I ordered our Canucks tickets. Now I just need to get my flight and the hotel next week, and the Colorado trip is set!

Yeah, I just kind of dropped off the planet there... I still have a meme question or two to do, so I will be finishing that. The TARDIS did pass inspection, and made a successful trip to CT for a pair of Uconn games. In other non surprising news, I'm way behind on everything. The only Christmas present I've purchased is Stef's mom's. Womp womp.

-The Sabres have been woefully inconsistent. Injuries, more injuries, and sucking at home pretty much sums it up.
-The Canucks have been in a bit of an upswing, though they lost their past two games. Them playing on the east coast blows because I can never watch.
-If the RIT men win their 1 game this weekend they get sole possession of 1st place in the standings. First by xmas was where they were last year, though I don't feel like this years team has gelled as well as last years did.
-RIT ladies are still undefeated and ranked #1, yay
-SU basketball is also undefeated and ranked #1, yay
-SU football lost their last chance at a bowl game. Sad times. They finished 5-7 and are last place in the Big East. Poor things.
-The Bills have also been absolutely dreadful as of late. I haven't been able to watch their games the past couple weeks, and I feel like a terrible fan. :( They play the Dolphins this week- maybe it will go a little better this time.

ALSO: Watch 24/7. STAT. Even if you have just a passing interest in hockey, it's amazing.

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