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-RIT unofficially announced Penn State and Michigan will be the next two teams for Brick City(2012 and 2013 respectively). It will be Penn State's first season in DI and I think it's probable that T-Pegs might come, so that's exciting. As for Michigan, I have a soft spot for them(minus their need to play Hail at least 30 times a game-I hope they don't bring the band!). Maybe this means an eventual return trip, and then I'd have an excuse to finally go to the Yost ;) Can we get Miami in 2014?!

-The Canucks are playing split-squad preseason games with Calgary tonight- the more interesting to me is the home game. The first D pairing is going to be Tanev-Ballard(*points to icon*), and Pinizzotto is going to be on the 2nd line. Plus Eddie Lack will be in goal, and I adore him.

-Bieksa is now on Twitter, and it's been amazing thus far. The broing between him and Kesler... Plus teasing Burrows might get one. I can't.

-RIT was picked 1st in the AHA preseason poll. Which isn't surprising, as they've finished first 5 of the 6 years they've been in the conference(though there was only a 1 pt difference between RIT and Air Force). I think RMU got the shaft, and the only reason HC and Uconn are that high is because they made the conference Final Four last year.

1. RIT
2. Air Force
3. Holy Cross
4. Niagara
5. Uconn
6. RMU
7. Mercyhurst
8. Army
9. Canisius (sucks)
10. Bentley
11. Sacred Heart
12. AIC
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