Jen (jennybenz) wrote,

Wambach and some hockey randoms

-AMERICAN HERO (and Rochester native) Abby Wambach will be dropping the puck at Brick City Homecoming!

-Since I don't have enough things going on, I volunteered to run the kestrolls's fantasy hockey league. Thus the #cluelesscommissioner hashtag was created, because I have no idea what I'm doing. :D

We had our draft tonight, and here's who I got:

(are you happy I picked Crawford retroviral???)

Obviously I had a Buffalo Agenda. I also had my eye on Ehrhoff and TyMy, but they got snagged >:[

It was soooooooo much fun though, I'm glad we all decided to do it.

-Hockey season starts tomorrow, and the Yankees play game 5, so it should be good!
Tags: brick city homecoming, fantasy hockey, kestrolls are the best trolls, us soccer, yankees
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Three of the LDSes are coming to a Game Five. I love this game. :D (Poor Milwaukee, that grand slam killed them. I hope they can brush that off!)
*dance* I'm so pumped for the Canucks game tonight :D

People who call baseball boring clearly haven't been paying attention to the end of this season/post season. SQUIRRELS.
lskdjfskldj So excited for the game tonight! Wearing my new shirt for the occasion~ ♪

This was everyone during the game last night: