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I couldn't sleep last night, and I'm spending most of the day with my Grandma while she gets chemo. Caffeine will be my best friend.

ONE WEEK UNTIL BRICK CITY. I can't wait to see everyone, especially Everett. Though I feel like it might get crazy with everyone wanting a piece of him. Stef thinks he's staying with her, and Jen A thinks he's staying with her. I'm expecting the Drama Llama to make a visit.

Oh Yankees. So many chances to tie/take the lead, and you just kept stranding people. I still don't understand putting in CC with the way he's been pitching lately. Sigh. I'm saddest for Jorge, as we probably won't be seeing him in Yankee pinstripes again. At least he finished well, or at least way better than he started. And he got to catch one game this season, too! :__: I kind of hope he retires, I don't think I could stand to see him playing for another team(I'd support him either way). It still pains me when they play against Hideki.

While I'm sad the Yankees are out, the end of this season for the MLB as a whole has been pretty exciting. I will never forget the awesomeness of the last day of the season, and Boston's epic collapse. I'm a bitter bitch, what can I say? Also: squirrels. Meanwhile, it was kind of convenient they went out on the first day of hockey season. I will still probably vaguely follow the post season, but not as thoroughly as I would if I had a horse in the race. I rooted for Texas last year, and I think I will do so again. Or really, anyone but Philly.

Speaking of, I was actually rooting for the Flyers tonight. 3 of them are on my Fantasy Team, and they were playing Boston(both are evil- might as well give me points and help the Sabres with the division). They gave me 2.70 points with a win, so I'm pleased.

Onto the Canucks: The first period of the game was kind of in-and-out for me because I was flipping between this and the Yankees game. So I pretty much missed the short handed hot-mess goal. I did not, however, miss the awesomeness that was Keith Ballard's goal in the 2nd. I started stanning for him when Tanev got paired up with him, and I feel like AV never really gave him a chance last season. So I'm happy he's starting off on a good note and basically telling Aaron Rome to get used to the press box ♥

So they lost in the shootout, but it was come-from-behind so I'm not really mad. A point is better than no points. People are already crucifying Lu, but water is wet. It's only game one- CALM YO TITS.

Sabres season starts at 1pm today, but I will be at the hospital. :( I'm bringing my netbook, so hopefully I can find a stream. I'm also DVRing it to cover my bases. I have 6 Sabres on my fantasy team, they better do well!

ALSO: RIT starts the regular season tomorrow vs Niagara. They haven't beaten them in 13 years(they didn't face them for 12 of them, but still). They're the only AHA team RIT didn't beat last year. Time to remedy this, tbh. It should be easier with Zanette and Haczyk gone. I can't go to the game, but I lucked out that it will be on TV here. :D Usually Cornell gets preference, but the ECAC starts their schedule late.
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