Jen (jennybenz) wrote,

Excuse me while I fangirl all over this post

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! And if you don't celebrate, I hope you had a happy day anyway :)

My only response to the Downton Abbey Christmas special:

It was basically perfection. Plus the fact I BOUGHT MY PLANE TICKET/HOTEL FOR COLORADO right before, I'm a flaily mess right now.

The Merlin finale was a little disappointing in the-one-thing-I-really-want-to-happen not happening, but was overall satisfactory. Bradley and Colin were looking fiiiiiiiiiine And the Doctor Who Christmas Special was just right amount of cheesy. Matt Smith + children always equates to wonderful. I wish it [SPOILER: had more Bill Bailey and co though, they were amusing].

PS World Juniors start tomorrow! The US plays Denmark at 8pm EST. You can watch on the NHL network! /not that anyone cares

Tags: christmas, colorado, doctor who, downton abbey, merlin, world juniors 2012
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